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Workers Compensation Insurance

workers compensation insurance

Workers compensation insurance helps people who are hurt at work. They can get medical care and some money for the time they don’t work. Insurance companies sell workers compensation insurance to protect employers in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. territories. You can buy two different types of insurance. One is the basic coverage that people have when they work for a company and get hurt because of an accident at work. The other type is called “comprehensive” insurance, which means that if someone gets hurt on your business property as a result of an accident you caused, then you will be covered by this type of insurance.

What are the typical limits for workers compensation insurance?

Basic and Comprehensive coverage options have $500,000 or $1 million of medical benefits per accident, up to 52 weeks of income maintenance benefits, and up to $10,000 for rehabilitation expenses. The numbers of workers compensation vary by state. Workers who are injured on the job can get money from their companies. Some states require employers to pay for this type of insurance if they have fewer than four employees doing work in the office. Statutory policies usually provide less protection than comprehensive policies. They don’t pay for medical expenses unless the worker has lost time from work, they require the employee to report any injury themselves, and they don’t pay any wage replacement benefits.

What are workers compensation insurance premiums? How are they calculated?

Workers compensation insurance rates depend on two things. They depend on the state and the number of claims filed in your business’ industry in your area over the past few years. Workers’ compensation insurance can be a great way to make sure that your employees are protected from injuries at work. It costs less than $1 per month for basic coverages up to about $15 per month if you want more coverage.

What kinds of things should you check out when getting work compensation insurance?

You should check with your state’s Department of Insurance to see which insurer is licensed to underwrite workers comp coverage in your state. You can find this information by calling the department yourself, but it will often be faster and more helpful if you go through a broker or consultant. Some states require employers with as few as one employee to carry mandatory workers’ comp coverage.

What are the types of workers comp insurance provided by insurers?

Workers compensation insurance is offered by many different companies. There are three main types: (1) Basic coverage provides medical benefits only; (2) “Comprehensive” coverage includes wage replacement benefits; and (3) Statutory policies are required in some states and do not include wage replacement benefits.

What kinds of limitations are allowed with workers compensation insurance?

State laws do not allow employers to exclude coverage for preexisting conditions. If you are hurt at work, your employer cannot cancel your policy. They can only exclude you from coverage if you are doing something high-risk like racing cars.

Does workers compensation insurance apply if someone gets injured off the work premises?

Some states require all employers to carry a certain kind of insurance even if they only need it for on-site injuries. These are called statutory off-premises policies.

When does a company have to get workers compensation insurance?

In most states, companies must get workers’ insurance if they have more than one employee. If you hire someone without asking about their work history, you might be responsible for the injury claims because there are laws in your state. People can sometimes get hurt at work when they are training or on their first day. To prevent this, you could make them provide proof of coverage before starting work.

What are the different types of workers compensation insurance?

Workers’ comp policies can be divided into three categories, which include: (a) mandatory coverages required by most states for all employers; (b) basic coverages that provide payment for medical benefits only and have a weekly limit on what they will pay. Comprehensive coverage includes wage replacement benefits as well as medical coverage.

What is workers compensation insurance coverage?

Workers’ comp insurance covers any sick or hurt person who got the sickness or hurt on the job. It also pays for their medical expenses and missed work. In many states, employers have to have this insurance.

In the state of California, businesses are required to carry workers’ compensation for their employees. This coverage can pay for medical expenses and lost wages if the employee gets sick or injured at work. Companies can include insurance to cover accidents. It will not cover injuries happening outside of work hours or when someone else caused the accident.

Who do I contact if I’m looking to obtain workers’ compensation coverage?

To get workers’ comp insurance, you need a broker. The broker will help you find an insurance company in your state. They will give you a quote for the premium based on the risk of your type of work, location of where your work is being done, and whether or not workers are full-time or temporary.

What does workers compensation insurance cover?

Basic policies give you money. They are equal to two-thirds of your average weekly wages. Some states give you 80% of your average weekly wages, or even more if possible. Temporary disability means that you are not able to work due to a covered sickness or injury. Permanent total disability means that you were once able to do the job, but no longer can because of an accident or other non-work related illness. Permanent partial disability means that there is some permanent loss of function in the injured part of your body, but it does not fully limit you from doing your job. Statutory coverage provides death benefits to employees’ dependents in the event of an on-the-job fatality–even if it was the employee’s fault or not.

What are the different types of workers compensation insurance?

Most employers have to carry workers comp insurance for employees. If a worker gets hurt at work, it helps pay for medical expenses and temporary disability. Permanent total disability is when you can’t work anymore because of the injury.

Who do I contact if I’m looking to obtain workers’ compensation coverage?

Workers’ comp insurance is different for every job and location. You may need to buy a few different types of workers’ comp insurance for your employees.   This includes statutory accident benefits, employer liability protection, and commercial general liability coverage.

If you need workman’s comp insurance, find an agent who specializes in that type of insurance. The broker will help you find a company and then quote a price for your coverage based on the risk of the work done and location.

Do you need a quote? 

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Insurance for a Semi Truck-Finding it

insurance for semi truck

A few years ago, insurance for a semi truck became more difficult to find. In the past few years, natural disasters have done a lot of damage. Today, it is difficult for insurance companies to cover all the claims from people who were victims of Mother Nature because there has been a lot of damage due to natural disasters.  How does trucking insurance fit in?

Some people want to find out how much it will cost for their insurance for a semi truck. Here is some information about how to do that: what is semi truck insurance, what are the rates and the cheapest ones? You can also learn about looking for cheap semi trucks if you have some difficulties with this process.

How do I find semi truck insurance near me

There are many types of low cost trucking insurance you can buy. Each one is different and they all do something different. Auto insurance is just one thing, but trucking insurance may be something you have not paid attention to so far. Yes, it takes more work to find a good deal on team semi truck driver insurance when you are dealing with semi trucks in comparison with finding cheap car insurance quotes. But in this day and age when natural disasters seem intent on making a mockery out of property insurance cost for semi truck can become more expensive.

When you work with a semi truck dealership, the first thing they want to know is if you have trucking insurance. If you don’t, then they might not let you sell or rent out your semi-truck. People might wonder how they can find cheap commercial truck insurance. We can help you find low-cost commercial trucking insurance. If you get the best rate, then there is no reason to stop your business.

Cheap Semi Truck Insurance

A semi truck has a different kind of insurance than regular cars. Times are not so good in the world right now. Finding affordable trucking insurance is difficult. Sometimes, you can’t get trucking insurance online rates. This is okay because you can always talk to your local agent and see if they have anything to offer. Remember: just because one company offers lower-cost trucking insurance does not mean that they are necessarily any better.

If you want to rent or buy a semi, know about the insurance. If you don’t have enough coverage, you could lose more than money. Semi trucks are very expensive. This article will tell you what you need to know before buying one, like what they require. Pay attention in this article before taking things into your own hands because knowing these facts in advance will go a long way when dealing with trucking insurance companies.

It is hard to find trucking insurance when you are starting your own company. The process can be easier if you know all the facts before talking to an insurer. One important thing that semi owners should know about their trucks before getting truck insurance is whether or not they need more coverage. Do you need insurance for contents of semi truck?  Do you need cargo insurance?  How about general liability for your trucking company?   We will give information about how to find good deals on your trucking insurance.

Finding a trucking insurance online

If you need a commercial truck insurance quote, you should know what type of coverage you want before talking to an agent. You can get a commercial auto policy and also ask for other types of coverage. There are three types of trucking insurance that every owner should consider. Cargo insurance is the first, which protects the cargo in your truck. Liability coverage is the second type, which pays for damages to other people’s property or people. The third type is VDI or collision, which covers damage to your own vehicle.

You might have trouble finding insurance for a semi truck when you start. But it’s never too soon to ask questions about how they work. You need to find out what your vehicle needs in addition to regular commercial insurance. We will tell you how to find good deals  on commercial insurance for a semi truck. You can’t just look at the price, but you need to look at many factors.

Just because a company offers low-cost insurance for a semi truck does not mean it is better than others. You will also see information on why companies offer different rates for insuring semi trucks.

What is the best way to find cheap commercial semi truck insurance?

It is hard to find insurance for a semi truck when you are just starting out. Commercial semi-truck owners need to make sure that their vehicle has enough coverage. If it is damaged or stolen, it can be expensive. It can be hard to drive and maintain a commercial semi-truck. When you are looking for insurance quotes for your commercial semi-truck, make sure you look at all of the necessary options. You can’t just rely on the quotes when deciding on your commercial insurance for a semi truck. You should find out if the rates are good for you and how much they cost. We will tell you how to get a good deal on your car policy so that you can keep trucking.

It is hard to find cheap commercial semi truck insurance. But it’s not too early to learn about trucking insurance because you’ll want coverage as soon as you can. Look for an insurer that will cover the specific needs of your semi-truck and make sure the rates are affordable.

Semi trucks are large, expensive vehicles. If they are damaged or stolen, it will cost a lot. People who have them must have insurance to cover this cost. The insurance company needs to have enough coverage for the semi truck. You cannot just use quotes to decide on commercial -trucking insurance. You need to be sure that the rate is right for your situation.

Do you need a quote?

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Semi Truck Insurance

semi truck insurance

If you are looking for semi truck insurance we can help.  Every day, trucks carry goods across the country. They’re important for transporting things and building the things we need.

A lot of people who ride in cars and RVs do not know that there is a special  trucking insurance policy for those who drive semi trucks. People can buy these from  specialized agency or semi truck insurance brokers.  You will find many options at the agency too, such as roadside assistance programs offered by AM Best. All drivers must have a good driving record and meet specific requirements to receive the best semi-truck insurance quote online.

How much does trucking insurance cost?

The cost of the trucking insurance depends on where you live and what kind of job you do. Rank Savings compared to the lowest level policy available in each state: Annual premium +$16,000 -$1,200 >30% savings per year Semi-Truck Insurance

+$20,000 -$500 10%-30% savings per year Semi-Truck Physical Damage Insurance

A person who is 24,000 dollars higher than the average semi truck driver will have insurance rates that are 33% higher. They will be hit by another vehicle 11 times more often, but they are only the 16th most expensive after an accident.

If you want to know if these savings are the same for you, please contact us.

There are different kinds of coverages available when it comes to semi truck trailer and cargo insurance quotes. There is a type of policy specifically designed for owner-operators and these include liability coverage for bodily injury and property damage; third party legal protection; medical payments; collision; comprehensive; rental reimbursement; non-owned auto liability; and underinsured/uninsured motorists.

If you need a trucking insurance quote,  that will let you will rent out on a long-term lease, then this type of policy is what you want. For all intents and purposes it will work just like an owner-operator policy, but there are two big differences. The first is that average rates for an owner operator’s coverage are usually cheaper than those charged by a lessor. The second major distinction is that under most circumstances the lessor’s truck insurance policy will cover everything included in an owner operator’s policy.

Insurance for owner-operators

If you don’t own your authority, then you need this type of truck insurance. The main difference between a leased and non-leased authority is that rates will be higher for the non-leased one. If you plan to own your own authority, go with the type of insurance policy where you do not lease it.

Remember that prices for trucking insurance rates will go down as your experience increases and you have positive claims experience. But it may take three years. It is good news to everyone involved, but there is a catch. Many companies may raise their prices on other types of semi auto coverages such as excess liability and cargo. On average, the rates are going up by 10%.

If you are an owner operator, your semi-truck/ semi-trailer insurance may change by 10% to 15%. We will compare quotes with other companies every few years because the rate will be based on previous premiums. Some types of semi-truck trailer insurance will not give you coverage if you’ve had an accident in the past. This is because they think that if you had an accident before, it is likely that you will have another one in the future. We want to warn you about this and tell you that this type of plan may be expensive and not be what meets your needs.

If you are looking for a good semi truck insurance company, you should look for one that has been in business for 5 years or more.

Ask them if they have any other customers that you could talk to. You should also ask them how they pay their claims.

Many different companies provide semi truck insurance. Find out what each company offers. You should also find out what rates they will offer for the type of truck that you have, and then decide which one you want to buy from.

Finding the right trucking insurance company

There are many things to think about when you want a semi truck insurance policy. It’s not so hard if you have someone else lease the equipment for you. However, it can be difficult if you own the equipment. You should find a semi-truck insurance quote online quickly and easily by entering information from your company (make, model and year) into their system.

For more information about different types of semi-truck insurance companies, you should contact your local agent or insurer. They will be able to provide you with all the necessary information.

We recommend that you find out what the prices are from different companies. Some companies may be more willing to give a good price for one type of truck, but not another.

Finding the right truck insurance is hard. You have to think about many things. Prices for truck insurance can vary widely. If you are an owner operator with your own authority, the prices range in the thousands for each truck you own. For new authorities, the new pricing is a bit higher in recent years.

Do you need a quote?

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Commercial Tow Truck Insurance

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commercial tow truck insurance

The tow truck is a special kind of vehicle that lifts and carries other vehicles. Because of this, you need to get commercial tow truck insurance for the truck. But, the cost of insurance depends on many things like your driving record, where you live, and what type of business you are in.

Tow Truck Insurance Costs & Financing Options

How much does tow truck insurance cost? It depends on the type of tow truck and how often you use it.

A clean driving record means that the cost for your insurance will be cheaper. But if there are any traffic violations or accidents on your record, then you might have to pay more.

There are different types of tow trucks. For example, there are tow trucks with snowplows and winches. There is a cost difference in these tow truck rates because of this. Other tow trucks have safety features such as backup alarms which will also change the rate they charge for their towing services.

In the place where you live, how safe is it? Are there many accidents and thefts in your area? This will affect how much you pay for your tow truck insurance. And the better the place, the cheaper it is.

Businesses may have insurance requirements for different reasons. If you are a company with trucks that use air brakes, then you’ll pay more in your premium.

Tow Truck Insurance rates

How many hours a day do you work? More time on the road means that an insurance company will have to pay more for your insurance. You can even travel out of country or state, and this would also cause your premium to be higher.

Having more equipment like a snowplow or winches will make you more likely to get in an accident. This is because the things you own are what make your insurance cost higher. You also need car ramps for your car or they can’t tow it away if it breaks down on the side of the road.

If you have many drivers working with you, they might need commercial car insurance. This would make your costs higher. The best option is if each driver has their own individual commercial auto insurance.

Industry Details & the Cost of Tow Truck Insurance

Now, here’s where things get different. Different types of companies have different requirements for paying for their commercial tow truck insurance . For example, government owned vehicles are likely to have different criteria when compared to privately owned tow trucks. Please have a look below at the industry wide differences.

Commercial tow truck insurance is needed for government or military vehicles. They have to have a commercial policy that covers them in case they get in an accident on the road. All vehicles must also be safe enough to drive on the road, and they do this by following state laws and regulations.

Many people who drive tow trucks need to carry special insurance for hazardous materials. If they carry these, it is safer for everyone.

Commercial tow truck insurance is a must if you want to work for cities. You pay for extra for snowplows. Public utilities have different requirements when it comes to commercial tow truck insurance . Some of them require the driver to be under a certain age limit but most do not care about your age.

How much is a repo mans tow truck insurance for his tow truck?

A lot of towing companies provide their drivers with different types of insurance. This is so that they are protected during accidents and other things. The driver gets $2 million per person or $8 million per occurrence in general liability protection. Also this is called “commercial tow truck insurance.” It costs a lot less than normal car insurance because it comes from a single insurer.

In the insurance industry, you need liability limits up to $300,000 and uninsured motorist protection of $300,000 per person per occurrence. Also, you need a garage or service station coverage amounting up to $1 million in property damage with an additional $2 million for personal injury.

You need to find an auto repair shop. These shops usually hire subcontractors. All drivers must also provide proof that they are in the transport business, not just working for one of these shops, because there are different types of insurance depending on what type of business the company is in.

How much is insurance on a tow truck?

Also, commercial tow truck drivers need their own private property towing insurance for when they are at work with the company. They must also have their own personal tow vehicle liability limits of $300,000 per person and $500,000 per accident. The policy must also include uninsured motorist coverage of at least $300,000 on each person or occurrence basis. All vehicles must provide evidence that they’re registered in the DMV and passed a proper inspection.

These places sell used cars. Also, they need a lot of different types of insurance because they have expensive things. They need to show that they are registered with the DMV and will not sell stolen or hijacked cars.

The towing industry is one of the most important industries where commercial tow truck insurance is needed. All drivers in this industry must have property damage liability limits of at least $500,000 and they must also provide uninsured motorist coverage up to $300,000. These policies also cover additional costs such as labor which will be incurred during any accidents or incidents.

Tow Truck Insurance quote

The auto transportation industry requires commercial tow truck insurance. You need $300,000 of liability coverage for each person and $500,000 for an occurrence. You need uninsured motorist coverage with the same amount per person or occurrence. You also need to show that all vehicles are not stolen or hijacked.

When you rent a car, the company’s insurance policy will cover $1 million in property damage and another $1 million in personal injury liability. All drivers working with rented cars must be covered by a company’s commercial tow truck insurance policy which includes bodily injury liability limits up to $300,000 per person and $500,000 per accident as well as uninsured motorist coverage of the same amounts for each person.

Next, commercial tow truck insurance is needed for the business. You need to protect your property up to $500,000 and also make sure that you are not liable for injury. Any cars that get towed must have proof that they are not stolen or hijacked so the business can’t sell these cars. Also, commercial tow truck insurance will cover you if someone gets hurt. It will also protect people in accidents where the other driver does not have car insurance, and it offers uninsured motorist coverage to protect themselves during an accident.

Check for cheap tow truck insurance quotes


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Trucking Insurance for Commercial Auto

trucking insurance quotes in Arizona

For truckers, trucking insurance is necessary to protect themselves on the road. It does not just cover truckers though. Cargo transported by truckers often consist of other peoples belongings that they don’t want damaged or lost while being transported.

Trucking has been a necessity in the transportation of goods from one place to another for many years now. It’s popularity is due mostly to its convenience, but it’s also been gaining speed with lower prices and better technology.

What does semi truck commercial insurance cover?

Trucks can haul a great amount of cargo. They often transport thousands of pounds at once, and bring it across the country in a matter of days.

This means that semi truck coverage also covers the truckers cargo as well as truckers themselves.  It is important to find the cheapest trucking insurance for your company. Sometimes finding that trucking insurance near me is a call to your local agent.

Commercial trucking insurance is a type of coverage that truck drivers may be required to carry in order to meet contractual or legal obligations.

This policy can also be referred to as motor truck cargo insurance, trucking liability insurance, or trucking cargo insurance. If you don’t have any employees it may be called owner operator trucking insurance. We have good luck with Progressive Trucking insurance.  Progressive commercial trucking insurance can be very competitive for the right company.

Commercial Trucking Coverage

Commercial insurance for trucking companies generally protects trucking companies, truck drivers, trucking fleets, and products being transported in an assortment of different circumstances.

This includes truckers transporting their own goods or passengers.

These policies are most often used to ensure that cargo owners are protected. This protects them from financial loss in the event that something happens to the items they are sending through a trucking service. This is important to ask for on a trucking insurance quote.

This is why it is so important for people who send out goods by truck to make sure that their insurances cover them while they are on route with other companies. If damage occurs, the insured party will need to file a claim with their commercial auto insurance carrier before involving another insurer or attempting to settle the claim independently.

Having quick access to documentation of commercial trucking insurance is a number one priority for truckers.

With nationwide trucking insurance, truck owners can be protected from various losses.

Truckers must keep in mind that each policy is different and has its own limit on what it will cover.

Truckers have been known to buy policies from other companies so they don’t have to switch carriers every time their contract comes up with the company they’re driving for at the moment.

This way truckers can still retain customers and continue making money without spending extra time and money switching trucking companies every year or two.

Commercial truck insurance policies can vary greatly depending on whom you get them through and what company you work for. For example, if your trucking company purchases the commercial truck insurance policy.

For some truckers, their truck is their business, so they want to ensure that they have complete coverage.

They need semi truck-insurance that covers everything from accidents with other vehicles on the road to weather damage and theft. Make sure to look over insurance quotes for trucking companies thoroughly.

Some truckers only drive trucks part time (or seasonally), so they don’t want a lot of expensive coverage included in their semi truck insurance plan. Most companies, however, offer policies for both types of truckers.

If you own your own truck or trailer and are driving for personal reasons rather than working full-time, then you may be able to get away with basic liability protection.

However, it’s wise to talk over these options with a semi truck insurance specialist. They’ll help you see what trucking policies are available and which type would best protect your truck.

Truckers will often find themselves working for other trucking companies as owner operators.

How much does truck insurance cost?

If this is the case, they may be able to get commercial truck insurance from their employer’s carrier. Or they may be able to get separate cargo insurance from an independent agent.

In addition, truckers who only have personal truck insurance need to know that it does not cover any damage you do while operating as a trucker for someone else.

Again, if you’re an owner-operator trucker, make sure you discuss what your options are with your trucking liability insurance company before making any decisions about trucking policies and coverage limits.

The trucking insurance policy is a contract between truckers and trucking companies.

Although truckers are required to keep their truck insurers informed about what trucks they’re operating, trucking companies have to be upfront with truckers about the limits of liability that they can incur from accidents.

No matter how much you trust your trucker’s driving abilities, it’s possible for them to get into an accident with a moving vehicle or stationary object while they’re on the clock.

Even if a trucker accidentally drops something out of his truck and hits another car going down the road, he could be held liable for all damages because those damages were caused by his negligence.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Truckers should take this risk seriously and weigh whether commercial truck insurance is worth the effort.

If you don’t need insurance, it isn’t wise to pay for trucking insurance premiums. 

Instead, truckers should make sure they purchase policies that will cover them for any potential incidents involving moving objects or pedestrians on highways or streets.

If truckers are driving under contract with trucking companies, then their trucking company will have to take care of trucking claims for damages that result from accidents during work related trips.

The best thing about commercial truck insurance policies is that they protect both the driver and the carrier in case of an accident with another vehicle on public roads.

However, if a trucker causes an accident while he’s off duty, his policy won’t pay anything for trucking claims resulting from the accident.

His truck insurance company will provide truckers with truck insurance or trucking companies with commercial truck insurance to protect truckers and trucking companies from truck accidents that they might incur while operating on public roads.

It doesn’t matter whether they’re trucking for business or pleasure when truckers are being held liable for truck crashes that occur off the clock.

Commercial truck insurance is very important for truckers, trucking companies and trucking carriers.

If truckers want to make extra money working as independent truckers (or owner operators), trucking insurance companies will provide them with truck insurance policies that protect their interests in case of any accidents they might incur while driving on public roads when not working for a trucking company. While each policy is different in terms of coverage and premiums, most semi truck insurance plans offer liability coverage and collision and comprehensive coverage.

Truckers should ask their commercial auto insurance carrier about the plan’s coverage options before signing anything or agreeing to pay for trucking insurance.

The last thing anyone wants when they’re out driving on the road is getting into an accident with another vehicle. Unfortunately, it can happen. Truckers especially should make sure their trucking carriers give them semi truck insurance.

It’s important to ask truckers about the types of truck accidents that their truck insurance policies will cover. This is just in case they get injured or damage someone or someone else’s property while trucking for work or pleasure on public roads if they’re an owner operator trucker.

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Livery Insurance Requirements

Livery Insurance

What livery insurance requirements are and how do they differ by state.

Insurance for livery or party buses varies dramatically from state to state, read this article to see livery insurance requirements by state.

Livery auto insurance is a special type of commercial auto coverage that caters specifically to livery vehicles.  For livery vehicles a typical commercial auto policy will not cover all livery jobs. Livery insurance is a special type of commercial auto coverage. It covers taxis, vans, and limousines for damage done to others while it’s being used by employees.

Livery Insurance Cost

Liability insurance doesn’t cover damage to your car. If you want coverage for your vehicle, consider getting a livery insurance quote. For hire livery insurance costs vary from state to state so it is important to check with your local livery agents.  Livery agents are usually livery-friendly and can answer any questions you have about livery insurance or party bus insurance.

All states require that you carry the minimum insurance to operate a taxi. For example, in New York, it’s $50,000 for injury or death of one person and $100,000 for all injuries and/or deaths in any one accident.

 Also, Arizona commercial insurance requirements stipulate that a commercial vehicle must carry certain minimum levels of liability coverage. Meanwhile, Nevada requires that any vehicle carrying passengers must be insured. Therefore, if you drive an un-insured car and injure someone in the process, they can sue you.

The Nevada Insurance Division requires all companies to obtain a certificate of authority. This is obtained by submitting the following: Nevada has three insurance requirements. The first is that you must have $250,000 of coverage for death and bodily injury per person, $500,000 total per incident, and $50,000 in property damage liability.

Requirements to obtain Livery Insurance

The requirements for livery insurance in Colorado are that you have to be licensed with the Division of Insurance. Also, Colorado livery insurance requirements are established by Colorado Revised Statutes. These laws help protect consumers and passengers through certain safety standards.  This also includes required coverage limits and deductibles. There are several requirements for Colorado business livery insurance, including the fact that you cannot drive more than 12 hours in a 24 hour period. You must also have $500,000 liability coverage and $50,000 property damage coverage.

In taxi insurance vehicles are used for multiple purposes including livery services, livery transportation to events, livery transportation of goods or merchandise.

The Livery insurance policy also specifies what types of livery vehicles are covered by livery insurance policies.  Typically livery insurance company will cover livery buses, livery trucks and livery SUVs.

Livery insurance coverage by state: livery insurance requirements vary from state to state, livery vehicles are covered under livery insurance policies which often have different limits for livery auto coverage. You can use a livery vehicle for anything from taking the kids to school, to going on a date with your spouse.

Although insurance for livery is a fairly specialized insurance, it’s important to know that the premium rates vary depending on what kind of vehicle you’re using.

In many states livery vehicles require a minimum of one million dollars in livery liability coverage, if a livery company has livery vehicles that weigh more than ten thousand pounds the livery insurance company usually require livery trucks to be covered by at least two million dollars in livery liability insurance.

Coverage for Livery Insurance

Liability livery insurance policies cover many things including accidents, injuries, damages to property and lawsuits. Some states don’t require liability coverage for lawsuits at all, though. Livery agents can tell you more about that.

Liability policies are important for the car you drive because they will help pay for any damage to other people’s property or injuries caused by your car if you do not have insurance. Liability policies cover livery vehicles, whether or not they have insurance. These liability policies include medical payments coverage if someone is hurt in the livery vehicle,

In limo insurance, your car is covered by a policy. The policy lasts for one to four years. Livery agents can explain more about the policy.

If you have any questions about livery insurance requirements or party bus insurance feel free to contact livery agents at Professional Insurance Strategies, livery agents are livery-friendly and can give livery insurance quotes or help you find livery insurance near me.

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Commercial Golf Cart Insurance

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commercial golf cart insurance

 If you are operating a golf cart taxi or Pedi-cab for hire in Scottsdale you definitely need to make sure you have the correct commercial golf cart insurance policy. Also, you need to know the golf cart insurance average cost  In Scottsdale, Arizona it is very popular in Old Town to have a golf cart taxi take you from the bar or nightclub to your car.  Some services will even take you home if you are in a proximity to the bar.  The City of Scottsdale requires all golf cart taxis that operate in Old Town to have a commercial golf cart insurance policy.  Meanwhile, this will help you to know the average cost of golf cart insurance.  Also, finding a golf cart insurance provider that meets the needs of these requirements is important.  

What type of golf cart taxi insurance do I need?

First, you need at least a $250,000 combined single limit commercial golf cart insurance policy.   First, golf cart theft insurance is important for your business.  Depending on the year, make, and model it might be a good idea to also purchase comprehensive and collision insurance on your golf cart taxi.  Scottsdale, AZ has become really strict on golf carts having Arizona golf cart taxi insurance on them.  Also, you will need to have $250,000 underinsured and underinsured motorist coverage on the golf carts.  Scottsdale has a great FAQ on Golf Cart and Pedi Cab requirements here. Also, premier golf carts yuma is a premier operation that utilizes these requirements.  Next, golf cart liability insurance is important to protect your business in the event a customer is injured in an accident and you are found at fault.  For example, guest passenger liability can be covered by your autlo liability coverage.  Also, bodily injury liability can cover the passengers in an accident. 

How much does a Arizona golf cart taxi policy cost?

There are several factors that go into pricing a policy for commercial golf cart insurance. First, the driver’s motor vehicle record will be analyzed to make sure they are a safe driver.  Next, golf cart insurance cost can be expensive if you have little experience in the business.  Usually, no more than two at fault accidents or traffic tickets will be tolerated by the insurance carriers. Another thing insurance companies will look at will be the years of experience you have in this field.  This will play a big part in even getting a commercial golf cart insurance policy.  Next, if you have been in business in the past, they will ask for your previous loss history.  Auto insurance is important for you and your customers in the evnet of golf cart accident.  Also, liability insurance can help keep your business protected from lawsuits.  

Next, a low speed vehicle can be a target for a myriad of accidents.   This will help determine what type of operator and/or manager of the business you are.  Lastly, there have been several large claims that have happened in the past in Old Town.  As a result, commercial insurance carriers only want the best of the best when it comes to the companies they insure.  Your business will be less desirable if you are traveling long distances from the Old Town area.  Also, the City of Scottsdale has other laws that pertain to golf carts and Pedi cabs being on the streets.  Check with Scottsdale to determine if your proposed business model fits their current regulations.

Finally, this a great business and service to the Scottsdale and Old Town entertainment district.  If you purchase the correct commercial golf cart insurance policy, you will have a business that is covered and your customers will be more trusting.

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The Best Home Insurance Companies

Below is a comprehensive guide of the best home insurance companies. We went through and listed the pros and cons of the best home and auto insurance companies


The best insurance companies

The best home and renter’s insurance companies “If a water leak caused my house to flood, what would happen?” This is a question that many consumers will have at some point in their life. It is also a question that many of home owners insurance companies are now faced with as they underwrite policies. The answer depends a lot on your risk profile, but in general, your policies will cover only minimal losses. As it is impossible to cover everything in the event of a major catastrophe, companies tend to focus on things that they are most confident in. That often includes things like fire, theft, weather, flood, and vandalism.


How do you get the best Insurance rates?


Don’t just wait around for the home owners insurance company to compete and offer you the best rates. For best rates, you can compare house insurance quotes from different companies and check insurance reviews by contacting us. Check with your local State Department of Insurance to learn more about the best insurance companies for home and auto. If you’re not sure what kind of coverage you need, check out our guide to the top house insurance. top rated home owners insurance companies that don’t do business in California will be included on this list. Using the top 10 home insurance companies may be better than going with the lowest rated home and car insurance company.


What does home insurance cover?

The best house insurance companies policy protects all aspects of your home. It covers items such as: Furniture The cost of a new home. The cost of a boiler, as it can be a costly repair Your property is worth – as of 2013 it was $484,100. Assessments best rated home insurance company  assess your home before issuing you a policy. The insurer will look at the value of your house, how old it is and also whether you have any building works. What does it cost? On average, insurers charge between $150 and up a year for the best rated home owners insurance. The cheapest house insurance companies are used by first time buyers or those who aren’t worried about making a claim. Top home owners insurance companies for the most expensive properties is much more expensive. Are there any downsides?


When should you get home and auto insurance?

Though the term home insurance sounds boring, the benefits of the best house insurance companies are truly life-changing. In short, best home and auto insurance basically protects your assets, like your home, vehicles and cash, in case of an unfortunate event like fire, burglary, robbery, flood, earthquake or any natural disaster.  Top rated home insurance companies are a smart investment in your life, and it costs you nothing. It should be part of your monthly budget. How much should I have in my home insurance? It’s important to buy from home and car insurance companies right after buying a home or car. For instance, home insurance shouldn’t be ideally the only form of insurance that a person has. Also, homes are more expensive to maintain than bank accounts, investments or even investments for that matter.


How to save more money on with best rated home owners insurance

Insurance companies often give you discounts by bundling with other services or products. Likewise, this also helps save more money on your home insurance. Also, you should look into other top rated home owners insurance companies to save money and get lower rates. Always compare quotes and contracts before you make a decision. And before you choose, do a good background check to verify that they are the top home owners insurance company that you can get.  likewise, you will also need to update your insurance for the home, contents, and any other contents like vehicles, boats, ATVs, and bikes. Also, insurance companies will often offer a discount for upgrading to the new and updated type of insurance.


Why you need the best car and home insurance

With more and more information and resources being created, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to figure out which home and auto insurance company ratings is best for you. While an understanding of the insurance industry is never a bad thing, there are so many factors that come into play that no one insurance company is going to be perfect for everyone. This is not to say that there is no way to make an informed decision. A good starting point is looking at home insurance companies ratings on different websites.  Reputable home insurance companies that were put together by Consumer Reports. They are fairly easy to use and give customers a good idea of what the company offers, and which companies aren’t worth buying from. Do yourself a favor and read their reviews carefully. Do your due diligence, and read up on the list of home owners insurance companies.  You can also check the Arizona State Department of Insurance

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Non Emergency Medical Transportation Insurance Application

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non emergency medical transportation insurance

People thinking about starting a non emergency medical transportation business will be faced with the most daunting challenge ever to be known to humans. 
That is the non emergency medical transportation insurance application.  It isn’t as bad as it seems but it can make the most ardent business person crumble to their knees with the amount of
information that is requested for insurance carriers.
  We will break it down below.


Why is the application for non emergency medical transportation insurance so long?

 For companies wishing to secure nonemergency medical transportation insurance in Arizona you will want a contract with AHCCCS.  If you looking non emergency medical transportation insurance in Nevada you will need to contact MTM.  Meanwhile non emergency medical transportation insurance in Colorado you will go through Colorado PUC.  Lastly for non emergency medical transportation insurance in California.  The application can be appear to be long because there are a lot of different types of companies that do nemt insurance.

 Biggest factors for the nemt insurance application

First of all, your drivers have a huge impact on your nemt insurance policy. 
The factors that contribute to this are their age, number of citations, driving experience, and finally accidents they have been in.  Nemt companies working on their non emergency
medical transportation insurance application can do themselves a huge favor by
screening applicants before hiring them.


Secondly, your fleet plays a big role in your non emergency medical transportation insurance premiums and keeping them low.  Do you have all wheel chair vans?  How about sedans?  How far are you driving the vehicles per day?  Do you have a maintenance plan in

Claims and Drivers for  Non Emergency Medical Transportation Insurance

Next, when filling out your non emergency medical transportation insurance application you will be asked if you are a new venture or how long have you been in business.  Non emergency medical transportation insurance can be very expensive and it can be more expensive if you have a lot

of past claims or losses.  Do you have a frequency problem or do you have a severity problem.  Many non emergency medical transportation insurance companies can help and give you tools to help mitigate your risks.  Sometimes you can get discounts on cameras for cars and other times they will provide you with training.  These are questions on the non emergency medical transportation insurance application that may be asked.

Finally, another big question when securing non emergency medical transportation insurance is about your clientele.  Do you take them door-to-door, through the door, or curb-to-curb.  By asking these questions it will help provide the underwriter with a good knowledge of the

 It can be tough to look at the non emergency medical transportation insurance application and make sense of it all but if you break it down in sections you will be done in now time.

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Home and Auto Insurance Bundle

Home and Auto Insurance Bundle

Below you will find everything you need to know about home and auto insurance.   For every auto and home insurance policy that is sold in the United States there are a lot of reasons why people chose the carriers they do.  In this article we will go over all of the reasons why people bundle home and auto insurance. 

Why do people bundle insurance?

One of the biggest reasons why people get home and auto insurance bundle quotes is because the usually save at least 15% by bundling.   When you are looking for the cheapest home and auto insurance bundling them together can be a big factor.  Many companies like Safeco Insurance, Travelers Insurance, State Farm, The Hartford and Progressive will give you home and auto insurance bundle comparisons.  We use a tool called EZlynx that will provide home and auto insurance quotes online and give you many insurance carriers to choose from. 

Another reason for the home auto insurance bundle is convenience.  In most cases you will receive one bill, one charge, and one policy folder.  When you are looking for home auto insurance quotes take this into account.  Shopping for home and car insurance has become very easy in the past few years. 

Finally, many insurance companies will provide better coverage for auto home insurance quotes when they are packaged together.  Sometimes the best auto and home insurance bundle are the ones that include a shrinking deductibles on the home insurance policy or extra coverage on the auto insurance.

Cheap home and auto insurance

When shopping for the best home and auto insurance bundles, think about a couple of things.

First of all, car and house insurance are something that almost everybody needs.  Most consumers have a home mortgage, and the bank will require that you protect their interest by having a home insurance policy.  Secondly, almost every state requires auto insurance with at least a minimum amount of liability.  Finally, if you have financed your automobile purchase the bank will want a car insurance policy in place.

Some people choose to buy online home and auto insurance quotes.  This can help you get a base price for what you think you might want to pay.  The best home and auto insurance bundles can be had by using an independent insurance agent to do the shopping for you.  For instance, an insurance company may give better discounts on your home for being newer and by packaging it with the car insurance. This can save additional money. We have found the best car and home insurance bundle by shopping multiple insurance companies and using the same limits and deductibles.  This is the true way to get an apples-to-apples comparison.

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A Guide to Contractors Insurance

Working as a contractor comes with its fair share of risks – especially if you’re in the construction industry. There’s a lot of room for error, and if you aren’t prepared, a single accident can cost you thousands of dollars.  We have put together an exhaustive article regarding a guide to contractors insurance. Fortunately, in the modern-day world, insurance can act as a backup plan by cushioning your financial burden in case of an unforeseen event. So as a contractor, what type of insurance do you need to apply for? This comprehensive guide will walk you through everything you need to know.

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Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Insurance 101

non emergency medical transportation insurance 101

Do you need help with Non Emergency Medical Transportation insurance?

Managing a transportation business is not easy. Not only do you have to keep a track of the automobiles, but also, the passengers. The risk grows even more if a business handles non- emergency medical transportation (NEMT). This is why, learn how applying for non-emergency medical transportation insurance can simplify your business operations, minimize your financial liabilities and also, protect you from unpleasant surprises.

What is Non-emergency Medical Transportation Insurance? 

Similar to other insurance plans, non emergency medical transportation insurance provides financial security to people who operate a NEMT business.

Some states have even made it mandatory for NEMT providers to have non emergency medical transportation insurance. Always check laws of the state that you’re operating in to make sure you comply with at least the minimum insurance level.

If you’re directly in contract with the NEMT program managers of your state, you may need to apply for additional coverage.

What does a  Non-emergency Medical Transportation Insurance Policy Cover?

Depending on your insurance provider and the policy you choose, your non-emergency medical transportation insurance will cover different types of risks, which often includes:

  • Commercial Auto Liability 

Commercial auto liability coverage is a necessity for transportation businesses. In case of an accident where your company is at fault, it will cover the costs for any physical injuries or property damage sustained by the affected parties.

  • General Liability

Your non emergency medical transportation insurance may include general liability. It covers the costs for property damage and bodily injuries caused to your customers due to your services. Depending on your policy general liability insurance for non emergency medical transportation companies  may also offer additional coverage for the allegations of abuse, molestation, neglect and misconduct.

  • Worker’s Compensation

The staff of a NEMT business is at a greater risk of sustaining injuries because caring for NEMT passengers requires a considerable degree of care and assistance. Therefore, always check in with your non-emergency medical transportation insurance providers and verify whether your policy covers workers compensation or not.

  • Assault and Battery Liability

Take the example that you’re late for picking a customer up and during that time, someone attacks them. They can sue you by claiming that if you had arrived on time, the attack may have never happened. Some NEMT insurance carriers may also provide assault and battery liability to protect you from the costs incurred by such legal problems.

  • Hired & Non-Owned Liability

If your non-emergency medical transportation business uses vehicles that you do not own then it’s worth looking into hired & non-owned auto coverage. It protects you from liability expenses for accidents involving both rented and employee-owned vehicles used for work purposes.

Does my Business need  Non-emergency Medical Transportation Insurance? 

Without a doubt, NEMT insurance is essential for your business. As a NEMT provider, it is your responsibility to keep your passengers safe. Although you cannot control everything that happens in your surroundings, what you can control is to prepare yourself for such events by securing NEMT insurance.

Keep in mind that your passengers already have a pre-existing medical condition – it’s the reason they require your services in the first place. Their condition may significantly increase the chances of an unforeseen medical event. In case something unfortunate does occur, NEMT insurance will help you shoulder the financial liabilities.

Why is  Non-emergency Medical TransportationInsurance the Best Auto Insurance to have for Medical Transport?

As discussed above, your NEMT insurance policy covers more than just commercial auto liability. Depending on the insurance provider you choose, NEMT insurance will prepare you for just about any scenario including general liability, workers compensation and assault & battery.

However, this is one of the reasons why NEMT insurance can be more expensive in comparison to other regular insurance plans. But, ultimately it is worth the investment if you’re running a medical transport business.

How to Find Reliable  Non-emergency Medical Transportation Insurance Carriers?

Before you begin your non-emergency medical transportation business, the first step is to find reliable NEMT insurance carriers. How can you do that? Start your search by contacting multiple insurance providers and creating a list of options.

After that, get a quote from them and ask more about what their policy covers. Keep in mind that cheaper isn’t always the better – the industry experience, along with the track record of the insurance company are two of the biggest determining factors.

Similarly, it’s also worth checking in with other non-emergency medical transportation companies and asking them about the insurance provider they’re working with. This will help you get a decent number of leads directly from those who are in the business.

If you’re looking for a NEMT insurance provider in the Southwest then our insurance agent can help you get the coverage for NEMT insurance in Arizona and surrounding states at an extremely market competitive price.

What to Look Out for while Applying for  Non-emergency Medical Transportation Insurance?

Before you proceed with any financial transactions, always verify the license of the insurance agency to avoid frauds.

Also, be sure to carefully go through the exclusions of the NEMT insurance policy you’re about to purchase. For instance, some policies may not include general liability, which is an important part of running a non-emergency medical transportation business.

Consult the insurance agent or broker you trust and let them know your requirements so they can find you the best coverage.

How to Apply for Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Insurance?

Applying for NEMT insurance is quite similar to any other type of insurance plan. You simply have to pick an insurance carrier and get a quote.

Once you have discussed the specifics of the insurance policy with the insurance carrier and what it covers, all you have to do is complete the paperwork and pay the premium.

In fact, modern insurance companies have made the process much easier now and everything can be done online.

In case of any confusion, our agent can further guide you through the process and assist you to find and apply for the best insurance coverage.

Can you get  Non-emergency Medical Transportation Insurance for a Single Vehicle?

Purchasing insurance for all your vehicles may not be feasible for new NEMT business owners. So can you get non-emergency medical transportation insurance for a single vehicle? Absolutely.

However, the cost depends on the insurance company that you’re dealing with. Generally, you can expect to pay up to $14,000 per vehicle per year – which may vary depending on your driving history and other factors that we’ll discuss in the sections below.

How is the Cost of  Non-emergency Medical Transportation Insurance Determined?

Determining the costs of any insurance plan is not as black and white and the same applies to non-emergency medical transportation insurance. The insurance providers first have to evaluate the risk factors and correlate them to a monetary value.

Typically, the risk factors are broken down into the three following categories:

  • Historical Factors
  • Direct Factors
  • Forward-Looking Factors

What Factors Can Affect the Cost of NEMT Insurance? 

As expensive as non-emergency medical transportation insurance may sound, you don’t always have to pay a small fortune for it. In fact, if you have more knowledge on what makes the prices increase – you may be able to make some adjustments to get a better deal.

So let’s look at a couple of factors that can significantly affect the cost of NEMT insurance:

  • Driving History & Record

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that your previous track record and driving history can have detrimental effects on the cost of your NEMT insurance plan.

Your non-emergency medical transportation insurance carriers are thoroughly going to check the MVR (motor vehicle records) of every driver you employ. Violations such as speeding tickets, accidents, moving tickets will act as dirt on their resume and make the insurance costs rise.

But wait, there’s more – Even the experience level of the NEMT business owner(s) will come into play. If you have a proven track record of safely running a transportation business, then that may act in your favor and help you get better rates. However, if you have a history of getting into trouble then, needless to say, it will create problems for you.

On the contrary, those who are new to the field do not have any track record to show, so the uncertainty may also contribute to higher rates.

  • Number of Vehicles & Maintenance 

It’s quite obvious that the more vehicles your business operates, the higher the insurance costs will be. That’s because operating more vehicles also increases the overall chances of accidents – and this is solely based on numbers, without the experience level of the drivers taken into account.

However, depending on the insurance company you’re choosing, there’s a chance that you may be able to negotiate a reasonable deal. And it may still be cheaper for you than getting just a single vehicle insured.

Similarly, the overall condition of the vehicles also heavily influences the price of the insurance policy. Normally, when you’re applying for non-emergency medical transportation insurance, you want to make sure that all your vehicles are in top condition.

That’s because the more worn out a vehicle looks, the higher the chances of a mechanical failure, which as a result, may lead to an accident.

  • Type of Vehicle

If you upgrade from an SUV to a sports car, your automobile insurance rates will most likely increase. The reason for that is, an SUV is equipped with more comprehensive safety features. And of course, you’re prone to drive a sports car in a riskier style as that’s one of the reasons most people purchase it, to begin with.

Similarly, the same applies in the case of non-emergency medical transportation insurance. The vehicles you operate can make a significant impact on the insurance cost. Whether you’re driving stretchers, ambulatory or wheelchair vehicles, each of them have varying insurance costs and come with their own fair share of risks.

For instance, if we look at wheelchair and stretcher vehicles they pose a greater risk to passenger safety because if the wheelchair and the stretcher are not properly secured during travel, they may lead the patient to an injury.

So the higher rate of injury in wheelchair and stretcher vehicles also contributes to a higher NEMT insurance cost. It’s worth pointing that the more safety features your vehicles have, the more money you will save while purchasing a NEMT insurance policy.

  • Professional Training

Professional training can go a long way in helping NEMT providers avoid risky situations. There are a wide range of courses that non-emergency medical transportation employees can undergo to learn how to better respond under critical circumstances in order to minimize the dangers.

The training courses may include better preparing the drivers to stay safe on the road. Especially keeping mind that a large number of accidents can be avoided if the drivers do not panic.

Similarly, it also includes equipping the staff with more knowledge on how they can secure a wheelchair in the vehicle. The more training courses your employees complete, the better they can deal with unforeseen circumstances on the road.

Moreover, it will instill a continuous sense of learning in your organization as well as promote a safe culture. Completion of such courses can get you a better NEMT insurance quote as insurance providers often review the knowledge of NEMT staff and how they act under certain situations.

  • Location

Each state and locality has its own laws and regulations. While some of them may play in your favor, others would leave a bigger dent on your bank account. From the geographic concerns to the overall road safety measures taken by the governing bodies, all of it can contribute to the cost of your non-emergency medical transportation insurance policy.

To simply put it, suppose you’re operating in both Arizona and New Mexico and reach out to the same insurance carriers. There’s a great chance that they may quote you different rates for the same policy even if you have the same vehicle fleet.

This is why if you have moved to a new state and plan on starting a non-emergency medical transportation business there, always get a fresh quote from a reliable insurance agency.

How are Small NEMT Companies Coping with High Commercial Auto Insurance?

Affording commercial auto insurance can be a challenge for non-emergency medical transportation companies as its high costs can exhaust all their funds. However, it cannot be overlooked as it is a necessity for NEMT businesses.

Small NEMT companies can take the following steps to lower the sky-rocketing commercial auto insurance costs:

  • Employ Drivers with a Positive Track Record

Even if you’re only applying for full-auto insurance, on average, it can cost up to $1592 per year. And let’s not forget that this is an estimate for drivers who have a good credit rating and a clean driving history. A small violation such as a speeding ticket can propel that average cost to more than $1750.

What you can do to lower the high commercial auto insurance cost is to look for drivers with a good track record. The more traffic violations a driver has committed, the higher the insurance costs you can expect. Unless they’re highly skilled at what they do, you might want to think things through before you hire them.

  • Keep your Vehicles Well-Maintained 

As we discussed earlier, the better condition your vehicles are in, the lower the insurance quotes you’re going to get. Similarly, the type and the safety features of your vehicles can also play a role. This is why even if you are purchasing used vehicles for your non-emergency medical transportation business – you should at least make sure to go for newer and well-maintained models.

You might have to invest some extra money in the beginning, however, the long-term benefits it provides in reducing the commercial auto insurance costs make it more than worth it.

  • Get Quotes from Multiple Insurance Agencies 

Explore your options and reach out to multiple insurance agencies. If you’re not getting your desired quote from one agency, doesn’t mean you wouldn’t get it from the other either. You can discuss your budget with the insurance providers and negotiate a policy that would help your business get the protection it requires.

If you’re looking for market competitive commercial auto insurance rates, then Professional Insurance Strategies can also assist you. We provide an array of transportation insurances to make sure you can safely operate your business.

Why Choose Professional Insurance Strategies?

The NEMT industry rakes in about 15 billion dollars every year which has led many people to consider a career in this growing field. However, before you start your business, finding reliable non-emergency medical transportation insurance providers comes as a prerequisite.

Otherwise, you may end up dealing with heavy financial losses caused due to reasons such as property damage or bodily injuries to your employees and passengers. If you’re unable to find an insurance provider that fits the bill, then Professional Insurance Strategies can help you settle on a market competitive price for NEMT insurance.

We are an independent insurance agency that has been operating for over 20 years and have provided non-emergency medical transportation insurance to numerous businesses in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Nevada. If you’re in any of these areas, then our dedicated agents will gladly assist you through the process and help you find the best quotes so you can securely run your business!

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Limousine Insurance that will protect you

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limousine insurance

Limousine Insurance that will protect you, your drivers and your business

Types of limo insurance you may need

First, your limousine customers expect reliable service from you, whether you are taking them from the airport or transporting them around town. In addition, just like how you have insurance on your personal car, the vehicles you have for work must be insured as well.

Furthermore, when you have a problem with your limo, you need it fixed quickly. Also, you need good limo insurance if a serious accident leaves you or your drivers exposed to a large liability claim.

Clearly, as your independent insurance agent we will find you the best insurance policy at an affordable cost. Also, we will work with you to find a commercial auto insurance policy that matches your needs. Also, because your business involves transportation of people, you will need limousine insurance that protects passengers.

Limo Insurance Extras

Personal injury limousine insurance:

 Next, this will cover the cost of accidents where injuries occur involving your limousine. Also, it can include but is not limited to medical bills, lost wages and funeral costs.

Collision and comprehensive coverage for limo Insurance: 

Clearly, it is a straight-forward limo coverage that will cover the cost if there is an accident. Also, comprehensive coverage will cover the cost of theft, fire, vandalism and many other damages.

Limousine Insurance for Uninsured and underinsured coverage:

 For example, this coverage is for you if the other driver is at fault but doesn’t have sufficient coverage. Furthermore, this type of coverage is required in many states. Your agent will make you aware if it is required.

Employment practices liability for transportation companies : 

If your company is being accused of sexual harassment, wrongful termination or discrimination, this insurance will protect your business.

Property damage liability: Property damage liability covers property damage you cause while on the job. This will go towards legal fees up to the limits of your policy if you are taken to court.



Ways to save on your limo insurance

  • Hire experienced and qualified drivers with excellent driving records
  • Maintain a good credit score
  • Require all drivers to take a safety driving course
  • Find discounts that you qualify for such as claims-free discounts

Professional Insurance Strategies will make sure your, your drivers and your business is properly covered. Request a quote today and we will find you the best policy at an affordable rate.

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Pricing for NEMT insurance work?

How does pricing for Nemt Insurance work?

How does Pricing for NEMT Insurance work and it can vary greatly from company to company.  Furthermore, non-emergency medical transportation auto insurance commonly known as NEMT insurance is important for companies to find and maintain the right amount of insurance to make sure your business, employees and customers are all protected without breaking the bank.

First , what is NEMT insurance? Of course, NEMT Insurance refers to the minimum requirements for commercial auto insurance to first meet state minimums for transporting passengers. Oftentimes, pricing for NEMT insurance is handled by brokers who work for them.

Secondly, how does pricing for non-emergency medical transportation insurance work?

Next, insurance rates are all about evaluating risk. In addition, how likely is your organization to make an insurance claim? What is the likely severity of the claim? Next, how are those risks multiplied across the number of personnel and vehicles that make up your organization? Also, once these and other parameters are established, we will be able to provide you with a non-emergency medical transportation insurance quote.

Furthermore, the various risk factors for a NEMT provider can generally be divided into these categories: direct factors, number of vehicles/personnel, types of vehicles, location, historical factors, experience level, driving record, forward-looking factors, vehicle maintenance and training.

Also, pricing for NEMT insurance factors are those with the most set in stone rate structure. In general, the number of vehicles and personnel you have the higher your insurance rates will be. 

In addition, the types of vehicles you have insured will also play a large role in your insurance rate. For example, ambulatory vehicles, wheelchair vehicles and stretcher vehicles each have different types of rates. For example, stretcher and wheelchair vehicles have a greater risk of a passenger being injured during an accident.  Because of this, the insurance rates will be higher on these types of vehicles.

Also, how does my location affect pricing for NEMT Insurance?

Indeed, location factors into NEMT insurance rates, just like on your personal auto insurance. Further, each state and counties have their own laws and regulations when it comes to non-emergency medical transportation insurance requirements. Also, they take into account different geographic concerns, such as the region’s physical attributes and drivers dangers. Finally, just like personal auto insurance – the same vehicle, same person and same insurance provider could be different in one area of the country versus another.

In addition, historical factors refers to drivers past records. The history of your staff’s driving records play a huge role in evaluating your company’s risk and rates.  

Also, the experience level of the owner of the company will impact the NEMT insurance rates.  Furthermore, if the company has had a proven record of running a safe transportation company then that will help the insurance rates to go down. However, for a new business just starting off rates will be higher. Also, if a long standing NEMT company has a poor record, the insurance rates will rise.

In addition, driving records play a large factor in NEMT insurance rates. Furthermore, each and every driver you employ will have their driving records evaluated thoroughly by the insurance company.  In addition, a clean driving record will lead to lower rates while past accidents or incidents will cause rates to rise. Also, anything from a speeding ticket, moving violations, and accidents will be factored in.

Next, direct factors and historical factors are analyzed by the insurance company to gauge the likelihood that an insurance claim will be made in the future. Furthermore, NEMT insurance providers take a careful look at forward-looking factors evaluating the likelihood of future risks. Of course, if future risks are high, insurance rates will be higher.

Additionally, what are other factors that affect Non-emergency transportation insurance costs?

Of course, vehicle maintenance is huge.  Clearly, a good fleet of vehicles are less likely to be involved in accidents due to the safety of the vehicle. Also, just like with personal insurance new vehicles typically cost less to insure than pre-owned vehicles. Also, by keeping up with your company’s vehicle maintenance program shows you are committed to safety.  

Additionally, continuous training for your employees is factored into NEMT insurance.  Also, there is a wide variety of training courses that can better prepare your drivers to help avoid different situations. For example, by taking part in training sessions it will help your staff know how to take the correct steps ensure safety.  Also,  by taking a defensive driving course, they will have a better understanding on how to deal with unexpected things that occur on the road.  Furthermore, by demonstrating these completed training courses to the insurance providers will help bring down your rates.

Finally, there are a lot of factors and components that go into NEMT insurance costs.   In addition, there are some that you can control and some that you cannot. Clearly, our team here at Professional Insurance Strategies know the ins and outs of NEMT insurance and will make sure you have the best coverage at the best rate possible. Please contact us today to learn more or to receive a quote!

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NEMT Insurance 

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Livery Insurance Phoenix Arizona

Livery Insurance Phoenix Arizona

Taxi drivers interested in starting their own business should think about investing in quality livery insurance to make the most of their business opportunities in Phoenix, Arizona.  Clearly, you find taxi insurance quotes online.  Also, some drivers purchase taxi insurance locally.  Also, they can help set themselves apart from other professionals by providing their clients with additional benefits. However, there are different types of insurance that professionals can invest in.  Also, knowing what to expect can allow these specialists to make the right choice.  Additionally, learn about the following types of taxi insurance to see how you can optimize your business.

Livery Insurance Quotes

First, a taxi that has liability insurance will be working with an livery insurance that is the lowest type legally allowed for the driver. Also, it is the cheapest type of insurance the driver can choose.  In addition, it cannot be used to cover personal damages or other important costs. Also, it is a good idea for entry drivers and those who are interested in a quick start but eventually individuals will need stronger insurance.

Breakdown for Livery Insurance

Next, when professionals are ready to expand their operations, it is strongly recommended for them to investigate breakdown insurance. Additionally, this is a must have as breakdown insurance can provide drivers with support when their vehicles break down. Also, for all the driving that taxi drivers do this type of insurance ends up paying for itself.

General Liability for Taxi

Also, all motorists should be sure to invest in some type of general liability coverage. Clearly, if you find yourself in a position where you are liable for different types of damages general liability will be needed.

Comprehensive Coverage for Taxi Insurance

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, drivers should consider investing in comprehensive coverage. In addition, this is generally believed to be the most beneficial type of taxi insurance coverage that taxi drivers need in Phoenix, Arizona. Also, the comprehensive coverage will offer insurance for just about all types of road accidents, no matter whether the driver is held liable or not. In addition, the driver will be able to make claims for things such as theft, vandalism, and other events.

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Taxi Insurance

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ADOT Uber Insurance Changes

adot uber insurance

In recent years, the rapid ascent of Uber and Lyft has angered professional taxi drivers across the country.  They are feeling as if Uber and Lyft drivers have had unfair advantages.  First, this is due to a lack of regulations at the state and national levels. However, as more complaints have poured in over recent months, Arizona has taken action. First of all, the state’s Department of Transportation recently implemented numerous changes.  These changes deal with requirements for Uber insurance and Lyft insurance drivers.  Meanwhile, drivers are voicing their displeasure with the ADOT Uber changes.

Financial Responsibilities for Uber Black Insurance 

The difference between Uber insurance and Lyft from taxi drivers is the financial gap placed on the drivers. As of July 3, 2015, those responsibilities changed, with the ADOT Uber changes making sure the playing field is level. First, as of that date, Uber black insurance and Lyft drivers operating vehicles seating no more than eight passengers will be required to carry motor vehicle liability policies containing minimum coverage as well as uninsured motorist coverage in the amount of $250,000.

Software Applications

Because Uber insurance and Lyft insurance drivers rely on computer software.  Next, insurance coverage will be critical when they are logged into their business software. Also, when a driver is logged into the software and actively available to provide transportation to customers, they are now required to maintain commercial coverage amounts of $25,000/$50,000/$20,000 as well as uninsured motorist insurance of $250,000.

Other ADOT Uber Insurance Changes

Also, to make sure the insurance requirements are being met, ADOT has changed the way it will conduct inspections of vehicles. First of all, random inspections and audits will be conducted every three years.  This is a positive step toward getting Uber and Lyft drivers in line with more traditional taxi drivers and companies. Another change is a provision that a motor vehicle insurance policy which has been in effect for at least 60 days may not be cancelled.  That is unless the person named on the policy is covered by a motor vehicle liability policy from another insurer.

While some Uber insurance and Lyft insurance may object to these changes, taxi drivers working for traditional companies like the changes. As more and more customers look to Uber and Lyft for rides, other changes may be necessary in the years ahead.

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Rideshare Insurance for Arizona

rideshare insurance

Today, rideshare insurance is more popular than ever.  Companies like Uber and Lyft are taking over a large part of the commercial driving business.

Today, many people are avoiding the stress of dealing with traffic and of driving home from social events that involve drinking by utilizing rideshare companies. These new companies have seen explosive growth in recent times as they are easy to use and offer a largely safe and affordable alternative to taxis or driving a car.

One of the big issues involved in the growth of these newer ride sharing companies, however, is how they fit into the legal landscape once ruled only by the laws concerning commercial vehicles, like taxis. Since drivers for ridesharing companies use their own cars the legal issues involved with rideshare insurance in several states has been unclear. A new ruling pertaining to Arizona state rideshare insurance has just been put in place, however, and it is helping to clarify some of the complicated issues involved in the brave new world of ridesharing and the legal protections required.

New Insurance Bill Passed in Arizona for Ridesharing

While Uber and Lyft allowed many drivers to start driving for money without actually having a commercial license, the sticking point in states like Arizona has been the issue of commercial insurance, or lack thereof. Up until now, if a rideshare driver was in an accident, their own personal insurance coverage would not cover the costs of any damage or injury. Due to this, last year Arizona a bill was passed regarding Arizona state rideshare insurance that required rideshare drivers to carry commercial insurance. Arizona Department of Motor Vehicles has more information here.

The commercial insurance requirement bill seemed to solve the problem in Arizona of rideshare drivers being underinsured in case of accident, but ultimately it was cost prohibitive. To solve this, new legislation has been put in place that, while still requiring rideshare drivers to have commercial insurance, it can now be purchased as an add-on to their personal insurance policies.

There are now also similar laws passed in California and Colorado that cover the issue of having proper insurance in place for rideshare drivers. This has all come about due to the ongoing growth of the rideshare industry, and the many jobs it has created with its smartphone apps.

Arizona now sees itself in the forefront of states that are dealing head on with the complex issues involved with making ridesharing safe and legal, without hurting an industry that is quickly adding new jobs in the southwest. Arizona state rideshare insurance is a breakthrough in legislation governing Uber, Lyft and other ridesharing app companies.

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Does Arizona Require Commercial Driver’s License

Commercial Driver's License

Do you need a Commercial Driver’s License to work companies like Lyft, Uber and Total Transit, to name a few. These companies each have unique reservation or transportation request methods, and they provide individuals with a fast, convenient, and generally affordable way to get from one location to another. If you are thinking about becoming a TNC driver or if you are already a driver with one of these companies, you may wonder about licensing requirements. Does Arizona require commercial driver’s license for a TNC?

Licensing Requirements 

The question of does Arizona require commercial driver’s license for a TNC is an increasingly common one, and this is because many people are using a TNC driving job as a way to make extra money on the side or even to earn a full-time living with flexible work hours. All drivers are required to have a driver’s license that is appropriate for the type of vehicle they are driving. Most will be driving their own private car, truck, or SUV, so a standard driver’s license will suffice. However, there are insurance requirements that must be met for a TNC job.  Arizona Department of Transportation handles all of the licensing here.

The Basic Commercial Insurance Requirements

There are some insurance requirements in place for TNC drivers in Arizona. When providing personal transportation, the driver must maintain a liability policy of 25/50/20. This means that it provides $25,000 in benefits for bodily injury or death to one person, $50,000 for bodily injury or death to two or more people and $20,000 for personal property damage coverage. There are other requirements in place for TNC drivers in Arizona as well. For example, drivers must have a commercial liability policy of at least $250,000 per incident and insured motorist coverage of at least $250,000 per incident. Proof of coverage should always be in the driver’s possession the vehicle is in operation for commercial purposes.

To be in legal compliance on the road, drivers must be properly licensed as well as insured. Therefore, it is important to ask does Arizona require commercial driver’s license for a TNC. Those who are thinking about becoming a TNC driver in Arizona can consider these points for both licenses and insurance before starting a new job. The licensing status and insurance will need to remain active while the driver is working for a TNC in Arizona.

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Livery Insurance that is Competitive

livery insurance that is competitive

First, Livery insurance is very important when it comes to the business
of transportation.  Also, one of the most important aspects of these businesses
involves having the proper insurance coverage. For example, those who operate
commercial limousine services, bus charter services, or have a fleet of vehicles for other purposes, having the correct insurance makes sense. 
Because these businesses rely on dealing with a wide variety of people daily,
it’s virtually inevitable that situations will happen that result in the need for insurance coverage. For instance, to know what insurance companies are competitive for passenger
transportation insurance, there are a number of factors to take into

Livery Insurance Coverage Limits

In addition, when a business owner is attempting to decide on the proper
livery coverage insurance or limo insurance, one of the first things to take
into consideration is coverage limits. Next, if you have one limo or a fleet of
vehicles you should know what insurance companies are competitive for public
auto insurance. For example, some taxi insurance companies can provide coverage
limits from $5 million up to as much as $20 million.  Furthermore, this ensures any business can be
protected in the event an incident happens with your vehicles.

A Variety of Services for Commercial Hire Insurance

Of course, for businesses that need insurance, determining what
companies are competitive for shuttle insurance involves knowing what services
are available. Furthermore, some of the most common services used by personal
transportation businesses include:

  • Bodily
    Injury and Property Damage
  • Physical
  • General
  • Garage

In addition, within these different types of coverage, some of
the key components include uninsured motorist coverage, underinsured motorist
coverage, medical payments, and personal injury protection.

Knowledge and Experience

Most of all, knowing what insurance companies are competitive
for livery insurance includes working with an insurance broker who has the
knowledge and experience needed in this specialized area. By doing so, an agent
can talk with you about the specific needs of your business, then tailor a
policy that ensures as much coverage as possible for numerous situations. In
addition, the best agents are often independent, allowing them to work
with several different livery companies in order to get the best deals for
their customers.

Contact an Agent Today

Clearly, to have a complete understanding of what insurance companies are
competitive for livery or tax insurance, the best thing to do is contact a
knowledgeable and experienced insurance agent. By doing so, you and your
business can begin to discover the many aspects of livery insurance, all of
which can help protect your business in the event an accident or other incident
occurs. Indeed, Professional Insurance Strategies will help you with this.


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NEMT Insurance

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Are you thinking of starting an NEMT Company?

First of all, we are specialists in NEMT Insurance. 

Since the passing of the Affordable Care Act more business opportunities have emerged for providers of ancillary services such as patient transportation.  Likewise, in states with higher populations of retirees, demand for patient transportation services has increased.

For instance, inquiries for non-emergency medical transportation insurance for Arizona, Nevada and California are at an all-time high. Also, companies are investing in updated vehicle fleets and they are also incorporating features such as mobile apps.

Of course, getting patients safely from medical facilities to their residences and vice versa is an important benefit health management organizations have supported.    Additionally, by providing non-emergency transportation, patients are encouraged to keep their medical appointments.  Clearly, this is part of an overall strategy to keep the population healthy.

How Much Does NEMT Insurance Cost?

For instance, coverage of transportation fees will vary according to the insurance plan. For example, non-emergency ambulance transportation will be fully covered by Medicare for patients who are being treated for end-stage renal disease.   Furthermore, Medicare will cover non-urgent transportation when physicians take the time to write the need  as part of the treatment plan.

Furthermore, patients who are on the Part B Medicare program may have to pay 20 percent out of pocket for transportation; these are typically patients who require occasional services. Additionally, other patients who obtain insurance from the state or federal insurance marketplaces, similar conditions will apply.
In addition, having adequate non-emergency medical transportation insurance for Arizona, Nevada and California is vital for entrepreneurs.  Also, many businesses find it easier to find non-emergency medical transportation insurance online.   Further, NEMT insurance quotes can easily be done online or over the phone. 

 Indeed, the liabilities are considerably higher when compared to other transportation services such as those provided by limousine operators. In addition, Non-emergency medical transportation insurance for Arizona, Nevada and California is not as costly as some people may think.  Furthermore, a key element to scoring lower premiums is to follow the advice of insurance agents with regard to installing special equipment to keep patients safe.  Learn more about us

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